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February 24th, 2016, 4:55 pm

A couple of things to get you guys acquainted. 


1. All the board rules, privacy policy, DMCA policy, and the FAQ are on the strip right below the header (Christina's picture). The rules remain much the same as aLD, so follow them, and you'll be fine. 
2. For the time being, we are not going to allow posting of paparazzi pictures. Until we have the DMCA policies up and running, we're going to allow everything but. Please help us with this rule by only posting links to paparazzi pictures hosted on other sites, not embedding them directly. If someone posts a paparazzi picture, please report them so that we can go and edit it out in case they don't. This rule applies to all pap pics, not just Christina's. Of the many instances that were found to be a problem in aLD, 80% were from other artists. So please, help us with that until everything is set-up properly. 

Board Features

1. Notifications: as requested by many, you can enable the option to be notified when someone quotes your post. 
2. Notifications: as requested by many, you will receive a notification if you are mentioned in someone's post. Say I want to notify our Mod Squad of this post. I merely mention them, like this: @Tink. @Martin @LondonsValley @.ZaeGatina. @ariel23 and they will receive a notification. 
3. You are allowed avatars up to 150x150 pixels and 2MB in size, animated or otherwise. 
4. I'm working on bringing the GayCat smilies over as well, so those will be showing up soon. Properly soon, not Christina soon. 
5. Multiquote works differently in this Forum system. You click Reply like you normally would, and when you're in the reply page, you can scroll down and see all the replies that post has. You can then click on each one you want to include in your multi quote and reply. 
6. I will also be implementing Reps/Thank You buttons to posts. That one is coming within the next few days. 

This & That

We have an adult-oriented lounge. Request access just like before, by posting on the Request Lounge from the main page of this forum, and I'll get to you guys as soon as possible. You must have your age registered in order to request access. You can set up your birthday date here.

There are things we are still working on, and some things that might change, but for now, everything should be up and running. 

If you find any bugs or anything that doesn't work the way they should, send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

I hope you enjoy our new home. It has been hard to get this up and running, particularly since I know next to nothing about coding, so I hope you guys like it. I'll be running the site without Richard or Lacey now, so the buck stops here. I hope you all stick around :) 

Welcome to XTINA.red
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The way would become clear
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